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Founded in 1871, Midas is recognized as the oldest company in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and is one of the first bottled water companies in the continental United States.


Famous & Refreshing Mineral Water 

In use since 1867, Midas Mineral Spring Water is a famous health-giving and refreshing natural mineral water. It is odorless, and free to use daily. Its high content of magnesium and calcium, as well as its mild alkalinity promote the proper assimilation of food into the rich red blood characteristics of good health and energy. The natural mineral elements found in this wholesome and natural table water are the same medicinal agents widely prescribed by physicians for body-building and vital energy… In a constantly changing world, the natural purity of Midas Water has remained the same, through all the centuries it has come out of the rich subterranean recesses of North Carolina, Midas Water flows from this age-old mineral spring into the bottling reservoir and is bottled for quick delivery the same day.


-New York Health Commissioner Royal S. Copeland, M.D. 1923

The Midas spring and facility are located on the outskirts of Huntersville, North Carolina. The spring is protected from development by a county watershed protection program, and its adjacent neighbor the Latta Plantation nature reserve. 


The Latta plantation is Mecklenburg County's largest nature reserve, protecting over 1300 acres of natural communities. It is also home to the Piedmont prairie restoration site, conserving the federally endangered Scheinitz's sunflower. 

This stunning location is where Midas' original spring remains, enclosed in a spring house that was handcrafted during the Great Depression. 


Visitors on the property have been known to find old bottles from the facility’s varied history.

Proudly Publishing Full Chemistry Since The Beginning 

Midas Spring Water™ is mild in alkalinity, and contains a perfect balance of dissolved minerals. Its naturally occurring calcium and magnesium is readily absorbed by the body, which aids in the development and maintenance of stronger bones, and can improve

metabolism, diuretic properties, and cardiovascular functions.

Unlike other bottled waters, Midas proudly publishes our full chemistry. We believe you have the right to know what you're drinking. 

Midas' historical label from 1903 (pictured here) is a testament to the purity and consistency of naturally occurring minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and silica (silicic acid).

Good Things Never Change 

Midas Spring Water is regularly inspected by the Food and Drug Administration and is tested daily. In addition, water samples are sent twice a year to National Testing Labs to extensively analyze all particular chemical elements in the water.


Historical Significance

Midas was one of the first companies to engage in home and office delivery. We continue to do so today.

This painting by Kenneth Witsett depicts a Midas water delivery at Charlotte N.C in Independence Square.  

The Legend of Midas Spring Water

Legend has it, Catawba Indians discovered a restorative spring during their annual migration west. They left behind a brave who had become too ill to continue the journey.

When the Catawba Indians returned, they found him in perfect health. The brave attributed drinking the water from Midas's Spring for his miraculous recovery.



Packaged at the Source

Midas Spring water is packaged at the source. This helps to minimize our carbon footprint and ensures our water always meets your standards of quality. 

Environmentally Friendly

Midas Spring Water uses high-grade bottles to protect you and your drinking water from contaminants. 

To continue our efforts to minimize plastic waste, we are now offering Boxed water.


Boxed water is friendly to the environment, as our containers are recyclable and easy to ship. We want to offer you peace of mind that we are always striving to make better decisions for our bodies and the environment. Together, we can build a more sustainable path for the future.




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