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From One of America's Oldest and Best Springs 
An Environmental Friendly Solution


Midas has a rich history of helping people, and people love Midas! Check out some of these  testimonials!

Perfect balance of essential minerals with the added benefit of Silicic acid.

Dr. František Kožíšek, M.D., Ph.D published a study documenting the importance of calcium, magnesium, and low levels of nitrates in drinking water.  Dr. Kožíšek states that these elements are crucial for cardiovascular health and are vital for mothers and children. 

See what this local NBC news team has to say about the Midas legend.

Not all waters are equal. Several studies (like the one linked below) found that high Nitrate levels in drinking water can affect mothers and their babies

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100% Recyclable for a better environment

News Team

The Noblest Element is Water


What you drink matters. See what this Charlotte NBC news team has to say about Midas Water.

Courtesy of NBC News


Be Cautious of Demineralized Water 

Many scientific studies concluded that drinking demineralized water can potentially lead to cardiovascular problems. Many popular brands use artificial purification such as reverse osmosis or distillation which removes the benefits of natural minerals. Additionally, since water is a powerful solvent, drinking demineralized water can remove essential minerals from the body.

Not All Waters are Sourced the Same

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Potential Benefits



Dr. František Kožíšek, M.D., Ph.D published a study titled Health significance of drinking water calcium and magnesium. This study documents the importance of calcium, magnesium, and low levels of nitrates in drinking water.



Midas water is classified as an Oligo-Mineral water. Fiuggi water, which is also classified as Oligo-Mineral water, is most notable for helping Michelangelo with his kidney stones.

Midas contains the perfect blend of minerals to help with multiple conditions, including kidney stones. 



Midas water is perfect for mothers and their infants.

Midas contains zero NO2 and 0.32 NO3, a neutral pH of 7.2, and the perfect levels of naturally occurring calcium, magnesium and Silicic acid.



Midas water is rich in naturally occurring Silicic acid which has been demonstrated to be beneficial in preventing the risk of dementia. 

Midas contains 59.6 mg of silica per Litre, which is substantially higher than most waters. 

What Our Customers Say



Midas Water made me feel better. I had kidney stones for the second time in my life - they are not a fun experience. In order to help pass the stone, I drank lots of Midas Water. I passed a 3 mm stone within a few days and felt incredible after! 



I have more energy. My skin has a fuller, more youthful glow. I eat less. I've noticed a truly remarkable difference in my health. My Family loves Midas water, too! Midas Spring Water is a definitive fixture in our household.



When our son was an adolescent he suffered from Atopic eczema. His outbreaks were sporadic and each time he was suffering we had him drink Midas water and even have sponge baths using it.  This went a HUGE  way to reduce both the intensity of the flare-ups and their duration.  Interestingly as he moved into the teenage years using Midas water helped control and even prevent acne breakouts!  Thank you Midas Water!

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