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Midas Spring Water has a natural mineral content that is good for your health.

In a society that has become increasingly dependent upon bottled waters, many beverage companies have added bottled water to their product lines for “easy” and “convenience” bulk sales. These same companies merely purify their local tap water, bottle, brand and sell.

Midas Spring Water is different. Tapped from a deep artesian spring since the late 1800’s, Midas has been analyzed regularly and consistently found to have a mineral content that is naturally occurring and nutritionally beneficial to the human body.

Midas Spring Water is bottled at the source and is one of the oldest bottled water companies in the country.
Although we recommend drinking Midas at room temperature to allow your body to absorb the maximum benefits from the natural mineral content, we know that at any temperature you’ll love the crisp, clean taste of Midas Spring Water. In fact, we have to agree with our customers who say, “This tastes like snow!”
Spring water. Mineral water. Healthy water: Look no further. You’ve found Midas.

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